Sybertek: Migrants at Bay is a speculative reflection on the migrant crisis by CAM Collective, researched and prototyped for the ADA-DADA 2020-2021 residency.
This interactive experience was inspired by the current data collection and presentation on the migrant crisis. The story begins after a migrant incident has occurred in the imagined future of a fictional surveillance nation state, The Republic of Sybertek. The Ministry of Border Security and Citizen Protection (BSCP) is attempting to curb the flow of irregular migration at their seaside borders. The scene invites the participant to take on the role of a state appointed Migrant Incident Documentation Officer (M.I.D.O) tasked with “recording” information about the migrant’s belongings that have washed up after a smuggler boat carrying people has capsized. 
Using worldbuilding and storytelling, we attempt to highlight stories behind the humans who are often forced to migrate. In doing so, we wanted to respond to cold statistical data that omits the cruel reality of the crisis. The work considers the question “who collected this data, and what is left out?”. 
Migrants at Bay was created using Unity Game engine.

Sybertek: Migrants at Bay

The Republic of Sybertek faces significant operational challenges at the Wandering Sands border patrol checkpoint, as it confronts the most serious global migration crisis in a century. 

The latest migrant incident is believed to have occurred between 1200 and 0300 hours, where at least 50 people are presumed to have drowned after a boat on its way to The Republic capsized during a smuggling operation. The true death toll remains unknown. Another boat carrying more unsanctioned persons is set to arrive tonight.

As tensions between the people of Sybertek and domiciled aliens continue to rise, it is our duty as The Office of Border Security & Citizen Protection to keep our national borders safe and secure. 

Your role as a Migrant Incident Documentation Officer is to collect information on the remnants of the migrant incident, to help strengthen  our policies on migration.

Help keep illegal migration at bay.

  • Use WASD or arrows keys to move around
  • Use Mouse to pan the scene and click on objects
  • Use "ESC" to show or hide the cursor
  • Use "X" to quit
  • Beach Photo: Photo by Chantal on Unsplash
  • Navigation Icon: Arrow keys by Chameleon Design from the Noun Project
  • City Surveillance Icon by Skye Selbiger from the Noun Project

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